Hydrogen Heavy Duty Industry Group Consortium (HHDIGC)

TesTneT is very excited and honored to be selected as the preferred testing partner for the Hydrogen Heavy Duty Industry Group Consortium. This consortium of companies includes: Air Liquide, Hyundai, NEL, Nikola Motor, Shell and Toyota. The goal is to develop and test heavy duty (HD) high-flow components for refueling commercial trucks and larger vehicles. We plan on performing testing for these NEW components in Q2 of 2021.

TesTneT’s New Hydrogen Vehicle

TesTneT Germany is excited to be part of the hydrogen mobility fleet with a Toyota Mirai. TesTneT’s goal is to further support the development of hydrogen technologies within transportation and of other relevant industries. TesTneT views hydrogen as a key contributor to the essential shift towards sustainable energy.

New TesTneT Germany Location

TesTneT Germany is moving to a new laboratory location near the Munich airport. This new location allows us to better serve our clients with improved testing facilities and more space for more testing programs. It will take some time for us to get all of our testing equipment back up and operational, but we will be in a much better space to serve your testing needs when the move has been completed.

TesTneT Germany purchases CSA Group Langley

TesTneT Germany has greatly expanded their testing capabilities and facilities by purchasing CSA Group Langley. The CSA Group Langley has now become TesTneT Canada Inc. With two testing locations to better support the hydrogen industry’s growing need for testing services, TesTneT has now become one of the industry’s largest provider of testing services.

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