TesTneT Group

TesTneT is a global testing laboratory with two locations to best serve your needs. We have a location in Munich, Germany and a location in Vancouver, Canada.

These two locations allow us to be very flexible and agile in the way that we can deliver the testing that you require for your project. Our dedicated and dependable staff have many years of experience and expertise, which allows us to perform your testing quickly and correctly.


TesTneT Germany

TesTneT Germany was founded in 2009 by Dr. Marius Herr and Sebastian Sturm who have over 20 years of experience in the field of hydrogen testing. Their goal was to further support the development of hydrogen technology by focusing on component and tank testing. The company has since grown steadily and now employs over 20 full time engineers and has increased their customer base significantly.
In March 2020, TesTneT purchased CSA Group Langley’s hydrogen testing laboratory just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. With this expansion, TesTneT Germany gained an additional 11 full time engineers with extensive experience in hydrogen testing. TesTneT Germany also began construction on a brand new testing facility in early 2020 and will operate, starting in November 2020 from this new location. This much larger testing facility will include a Gas Cycle for large H2 tanks and many more testing facilities.

TesTneT Canada Inc.

This laboratory was founded in 2015, by several experienced engineers in this field and the testing team grew quickly to include other engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the hydrogen testing industry.

The TesTneT Canada Inc. (TCI) laboratory specializes in cylinder testing, with a particular focus on hydraulic cycling (with fluid), pneumatic cycling (with hydrogen gas), and destructive field testing (bonfire and gunfire testing). In addition, TCI also has some component testing capabilities. Recently, TesTneT Canada has expanded their hydraulic cycling capabilities to better serve the needs of the industry, as more large sized tanks are being developed for future hydrogen heavy duty vehicles.



TesTneT Engineering GmbH (TTT)

Eschenallee 11

85445 Schwaig (Oberding)



TesTneT Canada Inc. (TCI)

9669 – 201 Street

Langley, BC, V1M 3E7