Hydrogen Gas Cycle Testing

During a hydrogen gas cycle test, the same conditions of a typical hydrogen refueling station are replicated and many testing cycles are performed to evaluate the durability and performance of the fuel system.

Typical H2 gas cycle testing standards


  • [UNECE R134] UN-GTR No.13: 2010, Clause 5.1.3 “Verification test for expected on-road system performance (pneumatic sequential tests)”
  • EU No. 406: 2010 (EC79: 2009), Clause “Hydrogen Gas Cycling Test”
  • National Standard of the People’s Republic of China – GB/T 35544: 2017, Clause 6.2.12 “Pneumatic Cycle Test”
  • ISO 12619 – Fuel System Components
  • ISO 17268 – Fueling Connection Devices
  • SAE J2601: 2016 Fueling Protocols For Light Duty Gaseous Hydrogen Surface Vehicles
  • Custom testing is possible and available